A Passion For Sports

Sports are supposed to be an event that you sit back and watch just to relax. When your team plays yeah you may get excited and you may just sit and relax with your beverage of choice, playing your favorite hand-held game of Yathzee. But for me I am a total different beast.

Passion is as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. That describes me to the tee when it comes to St. Louis sports. The St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis are the two teams I am most passionate about. This is often a problem though.

When watching a game I do rituals, if I wear my jersey the game before and we won then I wear it again. If I drink out of a certain cup and we win that is the cup of choice for the next few days. I have even gone as far as shaving everything but a mustache in support of the Cardstache.  Passions is the word I use most call it crazy.

I scream with excitement when my team wins, I moan with disapproval when my team loses. A loss puts me in a disgusting attitude, even though I realize that you can’t win all 162, 82 or 16 games in a team respective sports. My television does not go near ESPN on a night of a loss, but I can’t get enough Sportscenter when my team wins.

Like every fan, well maybe not everyone, I have broken things because of a loss, I have yelled at my brothers, and have just stayed in my room declined invites to parties because my team has lost.

No matter how low my team gets I am there to support them, I may take crap for it but I back my team to the fullest, and as weird as it sounds I have jersey loaded up in my closet with my favorite players on it and also hold my ticket stubs in a box that I keep in a safe play.

As far as the high points of my team. Well you can’t enough of those:

These days are the days you smile about the most! You are a fan of WORLD CHAMPIONS! You now can brag to every other non-fan for a whole season. I probably have $300 worth of memorabilia and clothes from the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship.

In the famous words of my father, “Why does it matter if your team loses, you don’t gain anything from it either way. You still got to wake up tomorrow and go to school or work, and live life the way you are today”, but I am a fan and my life revolves around the world of Travis Green’s sports team.


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