Why Not Go For It All

The St. Louis Rams had a season that can be wrapped up in many different words, but I will use one forgettable.

The team had no flash, no fans, nothing to put them in the news outside of a possible 0-16 record, which was broken up by the team that held that mark a year ago.

1-15. It doesn’t look good when down on paper or anywhere and it really doesn’t look good when your teams name is by it.

One thing is for sure when you see 1-15 by your team name, you also see overhaul somewhere near it to. And when I look at this roster I will name just a few people that deserve to stay on this roster of led by the lone Pro-Bowler Steven Jackson.

Jackson is the building block of this team, the sad thing is he is in his prime and will need a swift turn around to be able to enjoy the success Coach Steve Spagnuolo and this organization look for in the future.

Many would like the Rams to trade their one and only star, outside of Punter Donnie Jones. When first thinking of the possible situation I was all about that, trade Jackson get your pick and build the team from there.

The only problem is Steven has two or three more years left in him as far as being a top of the line back, and is there a team willing to give up a high draft pick for a back like that, especially now with the possible legal troubles.

The only thing that could help the Rams get a 1st round pick out of Steven Jackson could be if there is an uncapped season. And someone, like the Redskins, is willing to trade a first round pick for a running back that will help them win now. I could see a scenario where teams don’t care about draft picks they just want to win a championship and if that means Steven is the answer then here you go, kind of like the Yankees of the late 90’s.

But how realistic is this scenario, maybe more realistic than I believe but I doubt it.

So here is what the Rams should do. Blow it up!

One of the things I just wrote about from last year was the uninteresting quality of this team, there was no one there for the media to surrond, nothing that hyped this up, outside of Richie Incognito, so as unpopular as it maybe the Rams must make that big splash. Acquire Vick.

I understand everybodies concern, he isn’t the Vick of old, he isn’t as explosive, but in limited time with the Eagles this season he didn’t look any worse than what the Rams had under center.

When Michael Vick started at least 15 games in a season for Atlanta the team won at least 7 games, right now 7 games sounds pretty darn good in this town. Also the team held the top spot in most rushing stats while Vick was under center and that was with the likes of Warrick Dunn running with Vick. This team has Steven Jackson.

Vick’s record as a QB is 38-28-1, and only once was his offense ranked in the top 10 in offenses. 2002 the Falcons had the 5th ranked offense and 9th ranked defense in the NFL. Every year after that it was 14th or worse on both sides.

I am not trying to say we will get that QB that we saw running the offense in Atlanta, but who else do we have?

Afraid the passing game will hurt us, maybe but not once was his team better than 23rd ranked and 3 times was 27th or worse.

Yes now teams are playing more of a spread offense, but obviously under Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmer the offense isn’t the most creative. This team was not much for the deep routes, which would fit right into Vick’s repertoire.

If it is the wide recievers you are worried about don’t worry, Vick’s time in Atlanta never saw a 1000 yard reciever, his most used target was Alge Crumpler, which could be something we look for in the draft or free agency.

This team has plenty of Roddy White’s, Ashley Lelie’s, and Brian Finneran’s, we even have Michael Jenkins in Laurent Robinson.

I do believe we lack a few qualities the Falcons had in those years, including a back-up running back, but that can be found on the free agent market. I will give you to with the first being Mike Bell of the Saints. He lost his job to Pierre Thomas, but is still a good back-up running back, very efficient back who is averaging 4 yards per carry in his career, and he holds on to the ball only losing 3 fumbles in close to 350 carries.

But the guy I like the most is Jerious Norwood, who played with Vick in his final year at Atlanta. He is a guy that is averaging over 5 ypc. He was a dominant back up in his first three years but got pushed out this year, and most impressive about Norwood is his catching ability out of the backfield averages 9.5 yard per catch and is a real threat every time he touches the ball and could be a great back-up to Jackson. Also may have a few connections with GM Billy Devanney, because Devanney was an assistant during Norwood’s time there and he was there when Norwood was drafted.

The problem with the RB that were named are that they are restricted Free Agents, so that may not work to the Rams benefit so a more feasible option would be a Tatum Bell, hey maybe Larry Johnson since we are bringing in all the media attention.

My final couple analysis of what the Rams should consider doing this offseason have to do with marketing ploys and building to your strength.

First building to your strengths, obviously you would do that if you sign Norwood or someone like that. If Vick is the QB you will need to have a Tight End who will catch if Randy McMichael is will to be that option and we are comfortable with that fine, but if not I take a look at maybe Vick’s old friend Alge Crumpler I don’t know how much is left in the tank as a passing option but he’s a tremendous blocker. One last TE option Ben Watson Patriots TE fell off a little this year but could get it back if he is the number one option here in St. Louis.

The draft is where you really build your team from and the Rams have failed to do so but this year build your offense around run heavy Steven Jackson and Vick, with a decent back-up and draft defense.

The pick that you almost can’t pass up even though I was against it, but with my new philosophy the #1 overall pick: Ndamukong Suh, the guy is being called a can’t miss. Everyone loves him and he is the next Warren Sapp, so if this is the case you have your line set for years to come in Suh and Long.

The next pick may be a little harder to get but some draft boards have him falling and I take him with the #33 overall pick and that is the Safety out of USC Taylor Mays. He could step in for O.J. Atogwe if not this year by the 2011 season. This guy has played tons of college ball, decided to go back to USC for his senior season, even after being projected to be taken in the 1st round. This pick is the pick I see as your make or break pick, this one you must do well on because he will turn into a star or a bust!

That 3rd overall pick is the one I struggle with, you could see some QBs drop that far and I wouldn’t be against drafting a QB. If Tim Tebow, Tony Pike, or Colt McCoy drop this far I think you grab one of them, if not I go for Corner or Outside Linebacker here. You need an OLB in the worse way so my guy would be South Carolina’s Eric Norwood or Florida State’s Dekoda Watson. The problem with these guys is they could drop farther in the draft but you don’t take the chance draft you OLB and get it over with.

Finally your 4th pick should be that Corner, you could go with another Seminole like Patrick Robinson, but I really like the 6″1′ CB out of South Florida Jerome Murphy, hopefully he falls to number 4 and I think you could be looking at a nice defensive heavy draft.

Obviously you may need another Defensive End to replace a Leonard Little and as much as I would love a high price top name Free Agent doesn’t look like that is possible. So the Rams may have to settle for bringing back a James Hall or Victor Adeyanju, if not there could be Jarvis Green or some low key acquistion like that.

The team that has been built here has some flavor looks like they could win some games but let’s spice it up once more in a ploy,that could back fire, to get people in the seats and attention to the Rams.


Rams fans would have their popcorn ready while the media would have their notebooks ready.

Finally to cap it all off the Rams should bring in a boistrous Wide Reciever Terrell Owens.

The media would start booking their trip to Rams park now, Michael Vick and T.O. on the same team, which jersey would be bought more?

I know this would get backlash and sure it may hurt the four pillars theory adopted by Coach Spags, even though Richie Incognito almost brought those down single-handedly, it would get people talking.

Owens is at the end of his career maybe has another season in him, St. Louis wouldn’t expect a lot out of him, he wouldn’t have to worry about dropped passes because Vick probably wouldn’t be able to the ball to him a whole lot, but hey it’s a scary formula that may just result in a few wins, and maybe even a reapperance on Monday or even Sunday Night football.

As crazy as it may sound something just intrigues me about the whole thing. Bring Terrell Owens, Michael Vick, and Larry Johnson all to St. Louis and let the media craze begin, who would you want to interview first.

Something I must get off my chest:

The Rams are in the midst of selling the team and have narrowed their search down to just a select few possible owners. But instead of this being a story line we are giving more coverage to something TMZ broke on Steven Jackson and the alleged beating of his girlfriend. This is ridiculous that this has ruled the Rams media in the last week, sure we’ve heard things on potential buyers but everyone goes to the story that’s going to turn heads. So here is what I want Rams fans get behind the movement of a sale to the Dave Checketts group. This would be huge for the Rams organization, there are smart people who run Rams park already and if you throw Checketts in the mix some very exciting things could be in the making for the St. Louis Rams.


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