It Is OK We Are In Good Hands

As the St. Louis Cardinals pitchers and catcher report to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Fla., you begin to think about the season ahead as well as the seasons past, and of course the off-season.

And for the Cardinals most of those things just mention have all been positive or look positive. Obviously, the Cardinals are the favorites to win the NL Central this season with their potentially lethal middle of the lineup.

Of course getting that middle of the lineup as lethal as it is did not come easy for the Cards this off-season, as they had to endure a lengthy contract negotiation with Matt Holliday and his agent Scott Boras. Eventually a deal was in place, signed, and Matt Holliday was a Cardinal, but of course that didn’t stop Cards fans from expressing their disappointment with the club.

GM John Mozeliak is a man whose job requires thick skin or stay away from every possible media outlet, because as many of us who live in St. Louis know, that no matter what move you make you will be slaughtered by someone, rather it’s an irrational radio show host, a smart aleck newspaper writer, or even a know-it all blogger, some individual will have something negative to say about the job you have done. The same could have been said with GM Walt Jocketty, not as much until his final few years but still some nonetheless.

Even though there was a World Championship brought to St. Louis in 2006, there were still those that were on the GM’s case to get a competing team in the following year.

Year after year, you look on the message boards, in the news paper, on the radio, and we hear the messages be sent to the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals, “This is who you need to sign.” Then most the time we here the same voice scream, crying, and kicking when the Cards surpass their guy for a David Eckstein.

The St. Louis Cardinals have seemed to get it right most of the time, sure there are your Matt Clements’, Sidney Ponsons’, and what not but for every one of those misses there are your Jeff Suppans’, David Eckstein and Mark Grudzelanek.

The St. Louis media and fans chewed out the organization for not making a serious run at two of the top free agent pitchers in 2007. Jason Schmidt and Barry Zito were the two guys everyone put a bid in for. The Cardinals were never really serious contenders and of course they went through the season with pitchers such as Todd Wellemeyer, Anthony Reyes, Braden Looper, and Kip Wells, not the strongest of staffs, but considering all those contracts together did not add up to what Zito was making that season.

And though it hurt to watch Barry Zito not land in a Cards uniform, it would have hurt even more if a Zito, who had a worse win/loss record than Looper in ’07, stole his money with out giving the worthy performance.

The same goes with a fire baller like A.J. Burnett, who never lived up to the money given to him in Toronto. Sure he finished over .500 but he couldn’t stay off the DL either.

Sure there are always the guy such as Brian Fuentes that you wish you could have had but this team evaluates the talent in front of them, they look at the perks, and the negatives, and that have gotten it right the majority of the time. I mean after all in the the decade of the 2000’s, the Cardinals had the most wins among NL teams, most World Series appearances among NL teams, and had the most playoff series wins among NL teams.

So for the one fearful of the Matt Holliday trade or the bench problem the Cardinals seem to have, and even that last spot in the rotation the is standing void right now let’s remember that we are in the hands of a team that has 10 World Series banners, and tied for the 4th best winning percentage of all time. WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS!


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