High Five

Jeffrey Phelps/AP

The St. Louis Cardinals are five game into the season and could easily be undefeated.

They are not 5-0 but instead 4-1, but one thing is for sure with this team, they will score runs when needed.

On opening day this team had 12 hit, was walked 4 times and reached base on an error, with all those players on base this team only stranded seven throughout the game, and was 3 for 9 with runners in scoring position (RISP).

We know how Yadier Molina likes to hit with RISP, last year he hit .305 with RISP, and in 2008 he hit .340, so what happens when we are in the 9th inning. and Molina comes to the plate with the bases loaded and a three run lead, oh nothing really just a flick of the wrist and four runs on the boards!

The scare was not scoring runs coming into this season, but when your bats .296 (8 for 27) with runners in scoring position, as they did in the series against Cincinnati.

Last Year, the Cards batted .264 with RISP which placed them 4th in the NL and 13th in the Majors. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim batted .297 and that team finished with 97 wins.

The series against the Brewers didn’t start off as good, they went 0 for 8 in that same spot, but yesterday in a 7-1 victory again batted 3 for 7 with RISP. But this team has found a different way to win in their four victories, including a game winning HR by Nick Stavinoha.

It’s early yes, but we have seen the bench produce with only 7 AB off the bench, we’ve seen 2 hits, a walk, and a game-winning homer, that being from a guy I have continued to call a 4-A player.

But with as good as this team has look, the starters have really looked that much better Kyle Lohse was the only one that really got beat up, and his stuff early one was not that bad. Ten earned runs in 32 innings this team has potential to hold people to 3 runs or less in most of their games, if and only if that bullpen can hold on.

The ‘pen has been better in the Milwaukee but this bullpen has allowed 5 ER in 11.1 IP, but those runs ,outside of Jason Motte’s explosion in Cincy, came in the first game of the year.

Kyle McClellan is in jeopardy of losing his eighth inning spot if he does not become more consistent, Blake Hawksworth has impressed the manager and last year really showed his tenacity and may become the permanent right handed eighth inning guy.

It is five games into the season and the Cardinals have been competitive in every game and we can guarantee tonight with Chris Carpenter on the mound they will stay competitive and could come away with their 5th win of the season.

This will be a fun season!


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